Rather than just another corporate orientated event, The Print Show will also work to provide a fun and entertaining celebration of the industry’s culture and history.

This is of key importance, as if the industry is to thrive and prosper into the future, today’s brand managers, marketers, and media buyers from across the UK need to understand print’s legacy and the value of printed products in a modern context.

Inspiring new profit avenues

A key factor that distinguishes The Print Show from exhibitions with a similar sector focus over the years is its dedication to educating and inspiring its visitors in regards to new business diversification avenues. In 2016 a key highlight was the launch of The Printers’ Bazaar, which was one of the most celebrated sections of The Print Show as it provided six ‘shops’ that would give visitors insight into businesses in a box that required a low capital investment, but are capable of producing high-margin products and services.

Traditional Print Masterclasses

While it is important to understand where our industry is headed, The Print Show believes in celebrating our history and bringing its art forms to life. Be transported hundreds of years into the golden age of print’s past, as experts in the fields of letterpress, intaglio printing, and iron hand presses rub shoulders with master bookbinders, paper-makers, and modern foiling specialists.

Printer’s Bazaar

What defines a print business today has changed. No longer do they cater for a clear set of products and services. Rather, thousands have diversified to offer more products, with single businesses capable of offering litho runs alongside bespoke promotional products. The Printers’ Bazaar is designed to help with this exact issue, providing a cornucopia of product examples, on-going live training, and in-depth expert insight into how they can better deliver for their customers.


The Pit Stop Cafe

One of the key highlights of The Print Show is that it has its very own pub. The Pit Stop Cafe, a place to take a load off, have some good food, sink a pint or two, and network with industry colleagues or customers new and old.

The Pit Stop Cafe was founded to support one of the most important activities at any trade show, networking. The saying ‘people buy from people’ is very true, and being able to sit down one-to-one in a relaxed and warm atmosphere without having to leave the exhibition hall is a fantastic asset to have.

Business Seminar Theatres

In 2017 The Print Show will host an expanded Business Seminar Theatre that will host both riveting celebrity speakers and industry experts that will offer you their insight on how to grow your business.

Whether it is sales training to increase your raw revenue income, gaining insight into how to craft your social media marketing strategy, or understanding the commercial value of environmental certification systems, there will be a talk or workshop to suit you.


Software Training

The Software Theatre at The Print Show this autumn promises to demonstrate the latest in the ever-increasing sophistication of computer packages that have transformed the industry.

From Adobe Indesign, to Quark Xpress and a range of pre-press and MIS software, there is a wide selection of packages to choose from that could improve a printer’s efficiency or output quality. Some are more expensive, some are more compatible, and some are more easy to use. The question is, which one is best, or, rather, is right for you?

“The Print Show exceeded our expectations with over 100 strong leads achieved, including some overseas visitors who expressed interest in becoming a distributor.”

Graham Harris, Tech-ni-Fold

“Overall we were pleased with how the show went, coming away with some very exciting leads making us very busy following up all the leads that we generated.”

Ian Melville, Intec Printing Systems

“We had a good number of visitors and it was a great opportunity to meet so many of our existing customers. We were also able to start some very good conversations and relationships.”

Bryan Godwyn, IFS